How To Maintain Locks In 5 Easy Ways


Locks are an important part of home security either it is the front door lock or the one in your bedroom. They help people to feel safe and secure their privacy either at home or in the workplace. However, if you have some thoughts that the lock you have installed at the front door could last forever, it is something very difficult to achieve. Even the most professional locksmith services admit that a good quality lock can only last for a span of seven years. But if you want to maintain your door locks for a good life, here we bring you top 5 ways that can help to maintain them. Start with the door: The very first thing on which the life of your door lock depends is the door itself. If your door is not installed properly and has got some kind of bend in it, it may bring significant pressure to the lock. This may either lead to complete failure of the lock or emergencies like lockouts.

Check for strike plates & screws: The next factor on which you need to keep a check is having a screw that supports the top hinges in holding the door to the frame around the wall. Each hinge must be fixed using longer 3 inches screws, especially at the center. Also, you should keep a check over strike plates by calling Reliable Locksmith in Minneapolis MN so that everything must be fixed properly.

Ensure smoothness of deadlatch and deadbolt: Make sure when you close the door, the deadlatch of the door lock should never fall on strike plates. This needs to be considered very significant for modern locks as they need the latch to be aligned with the strike plates. Moreover, deadbolt should operate perfectly when closed without lifting or holding the door.

Make sure you keep the locks clean: Just like the way you need to care for the internal mechanism of the door, external maintenance is also very necessary. You must ensure that you keep the lock clean from outside either using a damp rag or detergent. Never use any chemical cleaner as they can harm the finish as well as usage of the lock.

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