Top Ways To Secure Your Door


The increase in the rate of crime in the United States especially the theft and burglaries have made it necessary to work on advanced security practices. Therefore, it gets necessary to work on the security measures that could help you strengthen your home security for preventing any movement of the intruders into your property. So, here we bring you the top 5 ways that you can work with an expert Locksmith in Minneapolis to help you secure your front door. Using heavy duty deadbolt: The first and the most significant thing which you can do to work on your front door security is to get a deadbolt. It is a very cost friendly solution which you can buy depending upon your security needs as if you need two-sided key options or just one side key option deadbolt. No matter which option you choose, it should be aligned well with your door frame to ensure maximum security.

Strike box:The next thing which you can get to improve your door security is replacing the strike plates with a more secure structure made up of metal pocket and plates of bigger size. Also, you can ensure to get a solid stud behind the jamb with 3 inches screws. However, it may need you to get bigger holes in door jamb and recess.

Reinforced plate:You can also get a better three sided reinforcement plate which not only encases the door handle but the deadbolt. However, it may cause an extension in the edge of the door which requires deepening of the hinged mortises to prevent striking but it can be of great benefit to improve the security.

Rekeying:If you have just moved to a new place, one thing which you need to do at first for security improvement is to get the locks rekeyed. All you need is to get an expert Locksmith in Minneapolis MN who could help you work on all the deadbolts and entrance doors to ensure maximum safety.

Wide-angle peephole:Last but not least, a great move you can make to improve the security at your home is install a wide-angle peephole. This can let you get a complete view of the area outside your home so that you can get alarmed about any unwanted visitors.

So, if you are looking forward to investing some time and money in improving the security of your front door, all you need to do is stick with the above 5 tips and get a reliable locksmith agency to help you with them. Good luck!